TT & J Jewelry Design

TT & J Jewelry Design presents original design and made to order jewelry featuring a mesmerising array of stones including ruby, pearl, and lemon quartz. Mined in Brazil, lemon quartz (also known as 'green gold'), is a stunning yellow quartz with  beguiling  shades of green.  Its  reputed  mystical qualities are myriad: it is  said to act as an aid to deep meditation  by helping  to calm  and clear a  busy mind so one can more ably focus on  cultivating a joyous and  fulfilling  future.  Loose  stones  are also  available.

TT & J specialise in setting pearls to necklaces.  Just  bring  in your loose pearls and  they can make them in to any of a  number of different  styles  of elegant  and  eye -  catching  pearl  necklaces.


Ms. Darika Armatmontree
Address :
Jewelry Trade Center Building; B1 Floor Room No. JB1604
  Product Range:
100 - 10,000 THB


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