Ratchanee Abdulrahim

Ms. Ratchanee Abdulrahim has been providing the very best in semi - precious stones since her store first opened in 1987. Displaying high quality gems from all over the world, Semi - precious stones has piecesfrom all the sought after regions, such as India, Brazil and Africa abroad and Chantaburi and Kanchanaburi in Thailand. Ms. Ratchanee Abdulrahim knows that a gemstone’s appearance and origin are of the utmost importance and this is why she always selects the most beautiful stones from the best locations. Her main office is in Silom, where she deals solely in wholesale but her retail store is located at the JTC, where there are an abundance of wonderful gemstones on offer.





Ms. Ratchanee Abdulrahim
Address :
Jewelry Trade Center Building, B1 Floor Booth No.503
Line ID:
  Product Range:
10 – 10,000 THB


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